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Enclosed Full Voltage Starters
Industrial Solutions

FlexEon* Enclosed Full Voltage Starters

GE’s new FlexEon Full-Voltage Enclosed Starters are NEMA rated with a differentiated, compact IEC component design. These starters are made in USA and Canada for express delivery and are built for easy installation and maintenance. FlexEon is ideal for a wide variety of commercial projects and industrial applications, bringing international market opportunities to our North American customers.


FlexEon starters are compliant to:

  •  NFPA 70E

  •  National Electrical Code (NEC)

  •  NEMA ICS 2 – Industrial Control Systems (controllers, contactors and overload relays)

  •  UL508 (IEC 60947-4-1 harmonized) Industrial Control Equipment

  •  UL508A – Industrial Control Panels

  •  UL489 Molded Case Circuit Breakers UL cUL

Features & Benefits

  • Full Line NEMA rated sizes 00-4 (up to 600 volts / 100hp maximum)
  • Combination or non-combination starters (non-reversing)
  • NEMA type 1, 3R,12,4 and 4x enclosures available in sizes 00-4
  • Fusible & non-fusible disconnects
  • Thermal magnetic or magnetic only breakers
  • Type 2 coordination (optional)
  • Class 10 thermal overload relay,
  • Optional electronic overload includes adjustable phase current sensitivity and selectable trip class 10/20/30
  • DIN Rail mount devices make serviceability or field replacements easier and faster
  • Customized drawings and electrical wiring for quick and easy installation and trouble shooting
  • Standard auxiliary contacts, Start/Stop push buttons & LED pilot devices (22mm)
  • Optional accessories: Hand/Off/Auto selector switch, additional auxiliary contacts, control relays and elapsed time meter.
  • UL/cUL label listing
  • Maximum rating name plate (HP, Voltage, FLA and SCCR ratings) 


FlexEon enclosed starters are suitable for global applications with constant or variable torque applications like:

  • Chilled water pumps
  • Condensers water pumps
  • Cooling tower fans
  • Elevators
  • Blowers
  • Cranes & Hoists
  • Conveyors
  • Air-Handlers
  • Process applications

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